Massen Diaz has been working on his Eagle Scout project – a time capsule representing Patterson throughout 2020, since Oct. 2020. At the interment of the time capsule, Diaz graciously donated his project to the Patterson Historical Society.

The time capsule was interred in the lawn of the Patterson Museum, across from the Liberty Bell on Jan. 30, 2021. The date is significant as Rancho Del Puerto was founded on that day in 1844.

The year 2069 will mark the 225-year anniversary of the conception of Rancho Del Puerto and the 150-year anniversary of the incorporation of Patterson in Stanislaus County. The following year, 2070 will mark the one-hundredth anniversary of the Apricot Fiesta and the fiftieth anniversary of the conception of the time capsule.

Diaz hopes that the time capsule will be disinterred sometime during June 2069-June 2070 as a way to commemorate all of these dates together.

Diaz has received a great deal of support from his community in the planning and execution of the time capsule project. Kathy Molina – his third grade teacher, is credited with inspiring him. Ron Swift – Patterson Irrigator’s Editor Emeritus, has provided mentorship. His fellow Scouts and leadership of Troop 81, and his family have also supported his effort, helping him procure some of the necessary materials.

Archival Methods, a New York company, offered advice as to which archival-grade material would be best to preserve the memories that await future Pattersonites. Other than the time capsule that was donated by a family member, Diaz's project was self-funded.

The City of Patterson has agreed to pour the cement pad to display the plaque that will commemorate the time capsule.

*edited Feb. 10, 2021

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