Mayor Deborah Novelli has announced the end of her stint as a public servant. “It has been an honor and privilege to serve the community of Patterson for 10 years.”

She will continue to serve as Patterson’s Mayor through the end of her term before leaving office to pursue her advertising and media career.

Over the final five months of her term, Novelli looks forward to working toward the completion of Noami’s House as well as continued work with HOST House, and the Interstate 5/Sperry Avenue interchange.

Most importantly, however, Mayor Novelli will continue the necessary work of running the Patterson community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Staying up to date by attending White House meetings and following the Governor’s recommendations has been beneficial, although Patterson’s COVID-19 infection rate continues to increase.

“We have the best staff in the whole world! It’s been a pleasure to work with them. I’m proud of our fiscal responsibility. We have a good general fund, you know, saved for a rainy day. I can’t imagine a better rainy day scenario than the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Particularly proud of partnering with PJUSD to offer the Children’s Safety Fair, Mayor Novelli laments that it won’t take place this year because of the pandemic, but hopes to see its return when restrictions allow.

When asked if there was anything she wishes she could have accomplished while in office, Novelli quickly voiced her desire for Patterson to gain a movie theater and bowling alley. “We just didn’t have the rooftops yet.” However, with new houses being built and around 2,000 acres of land being annexed, the future may be promising. “Let’s get those additional activities, children’s activities!”

In response to being asked if she planned on staying in Patterson or moving, Mayor Novelli responded, “Staying! I love Patterson.”

Novelli spent six years on the City Council before running for Mayor twice. She ran her second mayoral race in 2018, unchallenged.

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