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The city council unanimously approved the new law enforcement services agreement between the City of Patterson and Stanislaus County on Sept.1. Following Tuesday’s approval by city officials, the contract is anticipated to be reviewed by the Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors during their meeting on Sept. 22, according to the staff report.

The City of Patterson first contracted with the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office in the late 1990s for law enforcement services and has been receiving the service since the initial agreement.

The most recent four-year agreement that began in June of 2016 expired on June 30, 2020. The new term of the service agreement will be for another four years, terminating in 2024.

The fiscal impact of the new agreement is estimated at $5,471,294 for law enforcement services. Original estimates show the costs at $5,619,409, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic’s budget impacts, two vacant positions provide a savings of $148,115.

The fees include a School Resource Officer (25% city-funded and 75% school funded) shared with the Patterson Joint Unified School District.

Patterson is one of four cities (Hughson, Waterford and Riverbank) that are in contract with the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office for services.

Services provided by the Sheriff’s Office include:

  • SWAT Team
  • Hostage Negotiations Team
  • Dive Team
  • Bomb Team
  • Aero-Squadron
  • K-9 Unit
  • Special Vehicle Operations Unit
  • Mounted Unit

“With these dollars, we have been able to get resources at our disposal when we need them to keep the citizens safe,” Mayor Deborah Novelli said.

The idea of a Patterson funded police department was a subject that was addressed by both Novelli and councilmember Dennis McCord during their respective comment periods. Though both acknowledged the prospect of a Patterson Police Department, it was stated that it isn’t in the city’s cards just yet.

“I think the sheriffs have been doing a good job. As we continue to grow in the near future, we will have enough to consider a local police force, but for right now, I think this is fine,” McCord said.

Novelli stated the lack of availability of city funds to finance the department adequately and its potential employees rule out the feasibility of a police department.

According to the report, the new contract’s major provisions are “substantively similar” or the same as the previous contract. The county will continue to provide the same services they have traditionally been responsible for as part of their direct and indirect law enforcement roles.

One change in the contract addresses staffing shortages. A new addition to the contract allows for some flexibility to the contract, which could mean a temporary allocation of deputies in specific circumstances.

“Sheriff staff will meet and confer in good faith with the City Managers to discuss a temporary adjusted staffing plan for the cities to help mitigate county-wide impacts of the staffing shortage. The plan will ensure that safety is maintained and that the impact of the staffing shortage is equitable between cities. The plan will consider the city population, total allocated positions, and the officer to population ratio for each city. The Sheriff will have the ultimate authority for staffing changes and will report any long-term shift deployment changes related to a staffing shortage to the city council, including any anticipated savings to the city in associated salary costs,” reads the report on the new change.

A new language was added to the Chief appointment that is currently assigned in three-year terms. The new language adds the ability for the Chief appointment period of three years to be extended an additional year when needed.

Goldstein appointed as City Attorney

A motion to approve the first amendment to the City Attorney Services Agreement with Churchwell White LLP updated the contract to appoint attorney Nubia I. Goldstein as City Attorney was approved unanimously.

The amendment removes former City Attorney Tom Hallinan and appoints Goldstein. Along with serving as Patterson City Attorney, Goldstein also serves as Newman City Attorney and Deputy City Attorney of Angels Camp, Ceres, Dixon, Sonora, and Turlock, offering a wealth of experience in the profession.

Goldstein appreciated the opportunity to serve as Patterson City Attorney.

“I’m looking forward to working with your staff more closely,” said Goldstein as she accepted the unanimous vote by city officials. “Thank you for your support and vote of confidence.”

City Manager Ken Irwin characterized Goldstein’s appointment to the post as a good match for the city’s needs. “We are finding that she is a perfect fit,” Irwin said while presenting the proposal to city officials.

The praise for Goldstein was echoed by Mayor Novelli and every member of the council.

“I am very happy to have Nubia come on. She’s done a really great job. I would like to thank Tom Hallinan for his past work with us,” said council member Cynthia Homen.

“Nubia is in tune with the city of Patterson. I believe she is relevant and plugged in. I believe she is a perfect fit,” said council member Joshua Naranjo.

The proposed amendment is the same as the prior agreement between Patterson and Churchwell White LLP, with the exception of naming Goldstein to the position. There is no fiscal impact due to this amendment.  

Villages of Patterson

The council unanimously accepted the public improvements for Villages of Patterson Phase 2 as complete, which authorized the City Clerk to file the notice of completion and begin a one-year warranty.

City Engineers and Public Works staff have performed inspections on all the public improvements and certified that developer Ross F Carroll Inc. met all the improvements and operations requirements.

The developer constructed new streets named Featherstone Drive, Belmont Drive, Headley Lane, Staveley Way, Dorset Drive, and Bilston Drive with new sidewalks, curb, gutter, streetlights, water system, sewer system, and storm system utilities.

This action follows the council approving the development of Patterson Ranch Phase 1, residential lots, Unit 2 residential lots and Unit 3 residential lots.

Arco AM/PM on Sperry and JDI Farms

When the council approved the development of the Arco AM/PM project located within the Westridge Business Park development on Sperry Ave. and JDI Farms project located within the Westridge Business Park development at Park Center Drive it required as part of the conditions of approval and Stormwater Ordinance No. 777 that the developer install onsite landscaping and stormwater treatment control measures that prevent the pollution of stormwater runoff from the project site.

The Landscape and Stormwater Control Measures Maintenance Agreement was prepared and reviewed by all parties for both projects before the council approved the agreement unanimously on Tuesday.

Active Transportation Program

The Patterson City Council approved funding for a project on Tuesday that will install two lighted crosswalks in the city. One light is slated for installation on Sperry Ave. and Ninth Street, while the other at Ward Ave. and Mackilhaffy Drive.

Created by California Senate Bill 99 and Assembly Bill 101, the Active Transportation Program “consolidated several federal and state transportation programs to focus on making California a national leader in active transportation,” according to the staff report. The program’s purpose is to encourage increased use of active modes of transportation such as biking and walking by increasing safety and mobility of non-motorized users, enhancing public health such as reducing childhood obesity, and advancing regional transportation efforts agencies to achieve greenhouse gas reduction goals.

The project will receive funding through the state program and is stated to have no fiscal impact on the City of Patterson.

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