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After finishing the first reading on Oct. 6, the Patterson City Council voted unanimously to pass the second reading of Ordinance No. 849 amending Section 2.12.020 of the Patterson Municipal Code to increase stipend amounts to the mayor and councilmember office on Tuesday, Oct. 20.

The stipend will increase the amount to $396 per month for councilmembers and $660 for mayor. The change will equal a total of $4,752 per year for each councilmember and $7,920 per year for mayor, creating a total fiscal impact of an additional $1,152 per year from the City’s General Fund.

The stipend increase is scheduled to become effective after the election has been certified for all city councilmembers and mayor.

A stipend increase was not the only item on the consent calendar from the Oct. 6 meeting. The council also passed a second reading of Ordinance No. 848 amending chapters 18.38, 18.62, 18.70, 18.78 and 18.98 of the Patterson Municipal Code.

Those changes include:

  • The medium density residential development criteria to allow single-family homes in the medium density residential zone on smaller lot sizes
  • Development standards for accessory structures by providing separate setback criteria for open, attached structures, such as raised decks.
  • Removing a requirement that mechanical pool equipment is located at least five feet away from adjacent buildings.
  • Amending the Second Units Chapter, consistent with State Law, providing criteria under which a fence in a residential area could be extended to seven feet in height
  • Requiring that at least 50 percent of front yards in residential areas be unpaved and landscaped.
  • The definitions for tobacco shops and large and small vehicle storage facilities.

Scheuber Farms lease agreement

Scheuber Farms leased land map

Also included in the consent calendar was a pair of four-year lease agreements to Scheuber Farms, LLC, and F & A Trinta, Inc.

The lease agreement to Scheuber Farms, LLC, is slated to begin on Jan. 1, 2021, and end on Dec. 31, 2024.

A staff report stated that for several years the City of Patterson has been leasing unused land located near the Waste Water Treatment Facility to Scheuber Farms, LLC, for farming purposes. The current four-year lease is due to expire on Dec. 31, 2020, causing staff to bring back the lease renewal for council review and approval.

City staff confirmed they have met with the lessee of the land and there is continued interest in continuing the lease. The parcels of land in question are Stanislaus County Assessor’s Parcel Numbers 047-028-016, 047-028-017, 047-028-003 and 047-027-011, 047-027-012, and a portion of 047-027-014.

The staff report states that Scheuber Farms are responsible for paying all water district fees charged for the parcels included in the lease. Other factors such as soil type, location of land, and water accessibility needed for irrigation were considered when determining the per acre lease amount for each parcel.

The annual rent for the property is priced at $225 an acre per year for the 30 acres above the flood plain/out of the district, $250 per acre per year for 45 acres above the flood plain/in the district, and $150 an acre per year for those 35 acres located within the flood plain and located out of the district. The payments are scheduled to be made quarterly in the amount of $5,812.50, which is equal to one-fourth of the total annual rent of $23,250. The total revenue received for the four-year lease term will amount to $93,000.

The staff report stated that research found the lease agreement to be beneficial as the new negotiated per acre fee has been increased under the new lease agreement. The report listed other benefits to include:

  • The city gains additional revenue for the Sewer Fund on land that is not currently being used for wastewater treatment purposes.
  • The Lessee has had an outstanding working relationship with the city and has always paid rent on time.
  • The Lessee is responsible for weed control on the acreage, lessening the city’s workload.
  • The Lessee is responsible for the water district assessment that the city would otherwise have to pay.

Trinta Farms lease agreement

Trinta Farms leased land map

The City Council has approved lease agreements with Trinta Brothers, Co., now F & A Trinta, Inc., for leasing 19.06 acres of city-owned land for farming purposes since 2008, according to the staff report.

The land was purchased by the city for a site to construct a water treatment plant; however, the development of the water treatment plant did not occur. Staff officials recommended that the city continue to lease out the land until a final decision is made regarding the water treatment plant.

F & A Trinta, Inc. agreed to lease the parcel of land from the city for another four years at a price of $225 per acre, an increase from the $200 per acre to align with the current market value.

The four-year agreement will begin on Jan. 21, 2021, and end on Dec. 31., 2024 with two-year extensions if the lease is in good standing and both parties agree. The annual lease amounts to $17,154 over the four-year term and $4,288.50 per year. The payments are scheduled to be made quarterly in the amount of $1,072.12.

The land leased to Trinta Farms is listed as Stanislaus County Assessor’s Parcel Numbers 048-008-036, 048-008-004 and 048-008-057 in the agreement.

F & A Trinta will be responsible for all maintenance of the land and all assessments charged by the Patterson Irrigation District. The lease can be terminated by either party with a 90-day written notification.

The council’s approval allowed staff to move forward with the agreement.

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