Booking photo of David Ahumada-Gonzalez

Submitted by Patterson Police Services

Another alleged child molester was taken off the streets yesterday, Thursday, Dec. 12, thanks to an observant family member and some effective police work.

Police yesterday morning arrested David Gonzalez Ahumada, 22, of Patterson, after he allegedly used Snapchat to contact local minors, posing as a youth between eighth grade and 16 or 17 years old, Det. Cooper said.

Cooper credited the victim’s family member, whom he said “was observant enough to see” that the child had received inappropriate images, and intervened. He said that the suspect “never touched” the child, but added that if the relative hadn’t stepped in, the situation could quickly have become very dangerous for him or her.

Cooper first identified sex crimes against children and human trafficking (which often overlap) in this area several years ago, and has spearheaded the fight against those crimes here since. He had high praise for his colleague, Deputy Shaw, whom he said “took extremely good notes” in his contact with the victim and the victim’s family. The information gathered by Shaw allowed Cooper to obtain search warrants for the suspect’s electronics devices on his person, in his vehicle and at his place of work, all of which were served Thursday morning.

The suspect was arrested at his place of work.

He was also found to be in possession of an illegal weapon, Cooper said, creating an additional charge and related case. During the course of the investigation, allegations of domestic violence emerged, resulting in a third case against him.

Ahumada is being held on charges of sending harmful material to a minor, contacting a minor with intent to commit a sexual offense, child abuse,  attempted lewd or lascivious acts with a child, arranging a meeting with a minor for a sexual purpose, willfully inflicting corporal injury to spouse or cohabitant and possession of brass knuckles.  

Investigation into this case is ongoing.

The total bail for the various charges is listed as $230,000.

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