2020 Elections

A sign advises voters of the new polling place at the Patterson Library on March 3, 2020.

Mayor Deborah Novelli’s announcement that she will not run for reelection after 10 years of service means that her departure from the position has left an empty seat up for grabs in the 2020 election.

This opening drew three candidates: councilmember Dennis McCord, a former councilmember and mayor David Keller, and resident Mark Miles who will vie for the open seat.

City Council District A representative Joshua Naranjo did not file for reelection, leaving a vacancy that candidates Shivaugn Alves and Shawun Ruth Anderson will hope to fill in November. Councilmember Dominic Farinha also filed for his candidacy for the reelection of District C but will run for office unopposed. Farinha has held office since 2008.

Current City Council District B representative Dennis McCord has announced his candidacy for mayor after serving six years on the council.

McCord stated that he hopes to increase citizen participation and involvement in city affairs by starting more committees and having the city be more proactive in communicating with the public about issues of concern. McCord also cited providing more jobs to residents as the desired goal for his candidacy.

McCord has been officially endorsed by Mayor Novelli.

The councilmember stated he wants to provide leadership for the city and will look to put his experience on the council to use as mayor.

“In Patterson, we have lots of good things going, but I think there is more we can do. I want to push the city in that direction,” McCord said. “As people know, I prefer to study things in great detail. I want to help the people understand what the city does and where and where not we can play a role.”

McCord will not be the only candidate with experience running for mayor as a former city councilmember and mayor David Keller has also filed.

Keller was mayor from 2004-2006 and was a member of the city council in 1998.

He has stated his opposition to the Del Puerto Canyon Reservoir and revitalizing downtown as part of his desired goals as he makes a bid to become mayor for a second time.

“Felt like there was some unfinished business downtown,” Keller said. “I want the city to take the lead in finishing these projects, no more studies. Could really use some oversight from the city itself.”

Keller would like to see more input from the city regarding the proposed Del Puerto Canyon Reservoir.

“I am puzzled as to why the city, even though it is downstream from the dam, has not taken a position.”

Patterson resident Mark W. Miles also filed to run for mayor.

The Bronco Wine Company Quality Assurance Manager has lived in Patterson for approximately 23 years.

Miles serves as chairman of the advisory for the Career Technical Education Program at Patterson High School and Modesto Junior College. He is also on the Farm to Fork committee for three years.

Miles stated his main motivation was to advocate for the community’s youth by highlighting and providing resources to students to help them succeed.

He was also concerned about keeping residents involved in the community by offering more local jobs and commerce as the city continues to grow to keep residents from looking elsewhere to fill these needs.

“We’re just losing that spirit of communication,” Miles said. “Can’t have a community without unity. If we can unify around the community, then we can be an example for other towns in the area.”

Miles aims to be receptive to local input during his campaign.

“I’m coming in this race as a listener.”

Resident Shawun Ruth Anderson has filed to run for the City Council District A seat.

“It’s just a great honor to be able to represent the people of Patterson,” Anderson said. “I’m eager to represent. This has been a lifetime of career for me. I’m ready to take this (career) to the next level. I think I can be of great help to the city.”

Paper fillings from 2017 stated that Anderson has experience as a volunteer for the councilperson’s campaign for District 42 of Brooklyn, New York, for three years. Anderson also has experience as the Board President for the African American Museum and Library for the City of Oakland for five years. Other cited experiences include Executive Chief Officer of Operations for Take Your Sister 2 Lunch, Sisters Inc., and acting as a Community Partners Manager for the Girls Scouts.

She hopes to bring her experience volunteering in her community to the office of Patterson City Council.

“I am passionate about bringing new ideas that will uplift Patterson’s history and new ideas that will expand the businesses located in Patterson. I would also like the city to research and consider ways on improving outreach to the community and increase purposeful engagement from its citizens. My professional background has enabled me to engage with diverse populations over the past 20 plus years and feel that this is just one of the many ways that I can make a positive contribution on the city council,” Anderson said. “I’m a motivated team player that knows how to step up and lead when necessary. As a proud resident of Patterson, I look forward to working as your councilmember to sustain and build this great city we call home. With a servant’s heart, I humbly ask for your vote on November 3, 2020.”

Anderson's campaign is endorsed by Mayor Novelli and councilmembers McCord, Naranjo and Farinha.

Patterson resident Shivaugn Alves has filed for candidacy.

Alves was born and raised in Patterson. She is a lifelong resident and has been an advocate in the local community.

She has worked as a local educator for Patterson Joint Unified School District and is a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for foster youth in Stanislaus County. Alves is also a member of the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Citizen Advisory Committee, the Stanislaus County Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee and also involved with being the Elections Chair for Stanislaus County’s California Teacher Association. She has also been involved with issues such as homelessness, healthcare access, affordable housing, sustainability and air quality.

“If elected, I would be honored to be a conduit of communication and advocate for positive change within our community. With my dedication and proven collaborative success, I know that we can accomplish our goals,” Alves stated.

Alves went on to state, “I aim to improve community engagement so that all residents have a voice and know where to get help, especially during times of COVID. I look forward to working with our city manager, staff, and council to bring economic equality to Patterson via smart planning. This would include a major downtown revitalization program, affordable housing, improved streets, lights, and water while investing in local entrepreneurial opportunities and quality career skills training. I see a Patterson where the health and well-being of all of our residents is paramount. We can do this through increased health services (including mental health), clean parks, neighborhoods, and water. Well-being includes continued support of our current youth programs, and cultural celebration - cultivating a sense of Patterson pride.”

Alves is endorsed by Latino Democrats, former Patterson Mayors Luis Molina and David Keller, Pearl Alice Marsh PhD, PJUSD School Board member Ryan Segoviano, CSEA President of Patterson 174 Christina Garcia, YCCD Board member Chinyere Jack, Juanzette Hunter of Soroptimist International of Patterson and Ceres City Councilmember Channce Condit.

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