Stanislaus County Sheriff's Office

On Wednesday, June 10, the Irrigator inquired with the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department as to the extended absence of Patterson Police Services Chief Marcelino “Marc” Nuno.

The response came from Undersheriff Micky LaBarbera on June 11, stating, “Chief Marc Nuno is currently on administrative leave for a personnel matter not related to the City of Patterson. Because this is a personnel matter, we can not release any further information. Sergeant Martin Machado has temporarily been named as the Acting Chief for Patterson Police Services.”

The Irrigator was last in contact with Chief Nuno on April 20, and the presence of Sergeant Martin Machado as Acting Chief was noted on April 24.

The Irrigator responded to Undersheriff LaBarbera’s email seeking the exact date Nuno was placed on leave. At the time of this report, no further information has been received.

Pursuant to the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department Policy Manual, an employee may be placed on administrative leave for on-duty incidents (section 310.12), criminal convictions (section 1010.4), complaint of misconduct (section 1020.4), and work-related conditions (section 1032.5).

In accordance with section 1020.4.1 of the SCSD Policy Manual, an employee placed on administrative leave may be subject to the following guidelines:

“(a) Under such circumstances, an employee placed on administrative leave shall continue to receive regular pay and benefits pending the imposition of any discipline.

(b) An employee placed on administrative leave may be required by a supervisor to relinquish any badge, departmental identification, assigned weapon(s), and any other departmental equipment.

(c) An employee placed on administrative leave may be ordered to refrain from taking an action as a departmental employee or in an official capacity. The employee shall be required to continue to comply with all policies and lawful orders of a supervisor.

(d) An employee placed on administrative leave may be temporarily reassigned to normal business hours during the pendency of the investigation, and the employee may be required to remain available for contact at all times during such shift and report as ordered.

(e) At such time as any employee placed on administrative leave is returned to full and regular duty, the employee shall be returned to their regularly assigned shift with all badges, identification card and other equipment returned.”

The Irrigator will update this story as more information is made available.

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