Nucleus Homeopathics, Inc.

Several members of the Patterson Planning Commission expressed some concerns about the proposed plans for the new site located on Park Center Drive. Still, ultimately the commission approved the plans unanimously. Commissioner Bryan Bingham was not present for the meeting on Thursday, June 11, making the vote 4-0.

City Planner Joel Andrews presented a slideshow covering the phases of development planned by Nucleus Homeopathics, Inc. (NHI) for the new site. The group was originally approved to lease a site on 100 West Las Palmas in Dec. 2017, but the group found the location not viable for their operations and was approved to move to their new location on 240 Park Center Drive by the Patterson Commission, then subsequently the City Council in April of this year.

The Park Center Drive site will cover approximately two acres of land. It is set to be built in three phases of development, employing a total of 83 individuals at full buildout. A total of 2,480 square feet of building space for shipping and cannabis cultivation activities will occupy the parcel of land to be built in phase one. Phase two will see 6,840 square feet of development for more cultivation areas, while phase three will establish 14,480 square feet close to Park Center Drive for additional cultivation areas, shipping areas, and retail space.

Nucleus Homeopathics, Inc. is not approved for a retail license at this time. Should the company decide to add a retail aspect to their businesses, they will have to apply for an additional permit. It was included in the general site plans as a “heads up” that the business may intend to do so in the future.

The general plan will be designated as light industrial, and an environmental review determined the project would not create any new or additional impacts than what has already been addressed.

Commissioner Titus Linares raised concerns about how the project would handle electricity consumption. Linares asked for clarity on if the project was going to include solar panels. NHI representative Curt Robinson answered that the company intends to follow through on placing solar panels, but Chairman Ron West wanted a firmer commitment to self-sustainability.

“I am a little concerned. I would like to see something added,” West said. Linares agreed that he would like to see solar power as a solidified condition for building on the new site.

The commission deliberated about applying a percentage of power that must be through solar as a requirement, but Director of Community Development David James cautioned the commission on how to move forward.

“That’s a slippery slope folks,” James said, cautioning the commission not to apply “arbitrary and capricious conditions that don’t have a nexus to a legal requirement.”

Commissioner Lynn Apland concurred. “We aren’t here to put a chokehold on business. Whatever is stipulated for zoning is where it needs to be.”

The concern about sustainability was addressed in attachment C of the site plan proposal, but some members of the commission’s concern were that it was not as firm as a commitment that some may have preferred.

Nucleus Homeopathics, Inc. representatives on the call stated they are willing to work with city staff and representatives on a remedy for any concerns and stated that solar power is in everyone’s best interest from a sustainability standpoint, but also from a financial standpoint for the business itself.

Chairman West expressed his general displeasure with the site plans stating that there was “nothing I love about it at all.” West expressed concern about energy consumption, the parking situation, and building plans layout, water usage, and the aesthetic of the building.

Ultimately the commission agreed to attach a stipulation that attachment C of the site proposal will be articulated to include more detailed strategies for implementing solar energy into the new business.

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