A pet-friendly community collaboration between Maines’ The ElleVet Project, the Westside Animals for Adoption and the Stanislaus Pet Resource Center, allowed Patterson residents to bring their pets in for free checkups, shots, flea medicine, and even microchips and vouchers for spay and neutering on June 12-13 at Naomi’s House.

“The ElleVet Project is a service that provides low to no income individuals with free pet medical care,” said Head Veterinarian for the ElleVet Project, Dr. Gabrielle Rosa. “So we do vaccines, dewormings, basic medical care and whatever is needed essentially. We deal with skin, ears and basically whatever they need we provide what we can.”

Dr. Rosa said that this is not the first time that the ElleVet Project has visited Patterson. In fact, the past turnout in 2020 was so good that they decided to do two days instead of one. Dr. Rosa expected to see at least 20 pets a day while in Patterson.

Amanda Howland and Christian Kjaer of Maine started The Ellevet Project during the pandemic last year. The founders were able to rent an RV and travel up and down California for two months treating around 1,200 pets with low-income and homeless owners. Some lines were so long, like Los Angeles’ Skid Row and the Tenderloin District in San Francisco, that pets and their owners had to wait for hours to get treatment. This prompted the ElleVet Project to up their staff and goals of treating pets in all of the United States. Now, the ElleVet Project has received endorsements from celebrities like Demi Moore and Jane Lynch of the popular television show, Glee.

“[ElleVet] is going all over Los Angeles and I supported that. They are helping the homeless and lower income folks who can’t afford veterinary care and so I was very happy to be a part of that,” said Lynch in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Also present at Naomi’s House during ElleVet’s visit was Augusta Farley of Best Friends Pet Resort & Training. Farley was representing the Westside Animals for Adoption, where she serves as a board member and was equipped with Microchips and Spay Vouchers for pets who needed them.

“Microchipping is such a good way to get found pets back to their owners,” said Farley. “So we offer free microchips and the veterinarian is inserting them and then it's a free registry. I brought the microchips and they are putting them in because we are a non-profit and they are a non-profit also. It’s easy for us to access inexpensive chips...This is our Patterson Community donating to Westside Animals for Adoption and Stanislaus Pet Resource Center is also a part of this. We help people with veterinary bills, fencing, we do leashes and equipment and people donate equipment so we give that back out to the homeless and low-income pet owners. One of the other things we do is that we board pets of the homeless or the low-resource if they are in the hospital or in rehab or can’t have two pets at the shelters that they are in so we do boarding so Best Friends Pet Resort provides services to Stanislaus Pet Resource Center and the money comes out of Westside Animals for Adoption and then we do spay neuter vouchers.”

Farley encourages Patterson residents to visit www.StanislausPetResourceCenter.com and fill out a questionnaire that will be directed to her personally to assist in helping owners and their pets get the adequate care that they require.

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