Visitors to our online edition of the Patterson Irrigator may have noticed that we have overhauled our website.

Our new website, hosted by the BLOX Content Managment System from Illinois-based, officially launched on Oct. 20 of this year.

Prominent features of our new website include a “featured” section that showcases photos from associated articles displayed on a slideshow positioned at the top of the home page.

Images and stories found in the featured section of the website can come from any section of our news coverage, as well as community happenings and sporting events where photos were taken.

Another unique and interesting aspect of the new website is the community calendar.

About two-thirds of the way down and on the right-hand side of the website’s home page, you can find the community calendar, where users can upload their own locally-occurring events for everyone to see.

Certain times of the year can get pretty busy with events, and local organizations may find the community calendar an asset to reference in order to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Along with the unveiling of new products and procedures, there does exist the possiblity of unforseen challenges and obstacles, This unfortunately has been the case with our new website, and we apologize for some of the shortcomings associated with this transition.

One such shortcoming of great concern has been the lack of access to archived articles published before the launch of the new website. Rest assured, we will have all of our old articles uploaded to the new site once they become available.

In the meantime, those wishing to research an old article need only type the topic or title of the article into a web search engine with the words Patterson Irrigator in the same search.

For example, if someone wanted to research articles relating to former West Park developer Gerry Kamilos, simply type his name, along with Patterson Irrigator and a whole list of related entries will show up.

If the link is selected, however, you will be redirected to the new website, so in order to retrieve a snapshot of the desired article you must click on the upside down green triangle at the far right of the listing that reads “cached.”

Once selected, you will be able to see a screen shot of the articles and photos as they appeared on the former website.

Aside from our website at, we will continue to post article links to our Facebook site, Patterson Irrigator, as well as at our twitter feed @PattIrrigator.

We welcome you to add us, follow us, and check back on the work we do as your source for local news for over 100 years.

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