Don’t vote for Shawun Anderson if divisive politics, which seems to be the norm of the day, has captured your soul, you’d better think twice before voting for Shawun Anderson.

Knowing and working with Shawun for 20 years, I have seen her include people of all walks of life, from liberal activists to conservative businesspeople, from political leaders to the marginally voiceless, young and old, rich and poor, selflessly enlisting them, representing them, to the benefit of community.

These benefits have substantially changed our world, increasing literacy, empowering young women to achievements in leadership and science, helping delinquent youth see an alternative, providing entrepreneurs and civic leaders with opportunities to create change and more.

I once thought that when God created Shawun, He broke the mold. I realized I was wrong when I saw others, those she had led following in her footsteps. But make no mistake, she is dangerously unique!

So if you elect Ms Anderson, be prepared for someone who will not blindly pick a side and fight bitterly for a party line, but someone who WILL fight tirelessly for the good of all. If you want a true Champion of the People vote for Shawun Anderson.

Richard Engelhardt

Retired CEO and Volunteer

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