First I would like to share the fact that Measure N that would negatively affect our city of Patterson drastically by raising our taxes more then we can now handle was not even explained or mentioned in our Voter Information Guide. It increases California’s already highest taxes in this country dramatically to provide low cost housing to teachers that make more than most in the city of Patterson. This is absurd and an insult to the city with the taxes that we will be forced to pay for the dam that is on its way regardless of the protests. Teachers to Principals wage in the Central Valley range from $65,000.00 to $126,000.00 annually, which is much more than the majority of us here in Patterson make!

2nd Proposition 13 is disguised as beneficial to our schools as so many in the past have lead us to believe. California is 42nd in education in this country and as this proves all of the past bills and measures that were supposed to go towards education obviously have not. So since I only have so many words remaining please vote NO on both Prop.13 and Measure N. Both are deceptive bills meant to get Pattersonites to agree to higher taxes using deception. And remember the proposed dam will require flood insurance and increased taxes as well. Don’t be drawn in believing this will help our children or our schools.

Diane Griego

Patterson resident

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