This letter is in support of Shawun Anderson, who is running for a seat on the Patterson City council from District A.. My name is James Dorney and I am a retired teacher/administrator from Bishop Loughlin Catholic High School in Brooklyn, New York. I was at Bishop Loughlin for 41 years. I was an Assistant Principal at Bishop Loughlin when Shawun was a student there from 1981 thru 1985. I came to know Shawun and her mother very well. Shawun has remained in touch with me over the last 35 years. I am aware of the great work that she has been doing in and for her community during those years. It was clear way back in high school that Shawun was a young woman of strong religious faith and solid character, who was concerned about doing what she could to help other people. I asked Shawun to do volunteer work in my office in her upper high school years. She readily accepted knowing full well that her only reward would be the satisfaction of knowing that she was helping the school to run smoothly and thereby helping all of the adults and students in the school. I would only ask students whose character I had the most confidence in to work in my office. After staying in touch with Shawun during her many years in California, I am just as confident that her solid moral character and her hard work combined with her initiative will make her a great asset to the city and citizens of the city of Patterson, should she be honored and trusted with the seat on the city council.


James Dorney

Brooklyn, New York

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