What's going on with this coronavirus it's has this whole town going crazy for toilet paper, water bottles, and Lysol. If you ask me, I think this bug is a little bit overboard. Yes, we should wash our hands every hour, yes, we shouldn't be hanging out with sick people, but these are things that we should of already know to do and not to do. I have an opinion on this that many might find it different but here goes what I take of it. There are many lessons that we must learn from this pandemic, big and small. I'm sure everyone has their own stories to tell about what they learned but here are my top five.

1,660 is the number people die from cancer every day only in the U.S, 14,000 die from the flue per year, 1.6 million from diabetes, 2.2 million from high blood-related coronavirus today's number is 88 deaths, This is where I think this coronavirus is overboard. Did you know this virus has been around for years and thousands had already been diagnosed with it and went home ate some chicken noodle soup with a 7up and woke up feeling much better the next day ( I'm not saying that's the cure). What if we all gave our same energy to cancer and diabetes the same way we give this virus, I bet we would have a cure in no more than a year.

Stay away from sick people, don't cough at someone's direction I bet everyone in my generation has heard this from their mom growing up and this is what she meant if someone is sick don't be around them you might catch it, it's that simple. Don't be rude if you see someone sick and start running, just learn to keep a distance. Luckily, we have many online applications and forms that we can fill out to keep us away from public places that might have sick people that we need to take more advantage of. DMV, SSC office, Medi-Cal they all offer online application. Let's start using them.

How many household products do we have in our cabinets from cleaning products to hair spray to a toothpaste that has a side effect harm to our bodies or the planet almost all? Maybe it's a sign telling us this world is changing and we need to get better educated for this new life full of germs. This world needs to realize that it is growing and there will be a lot of products getting sold to meet our everyday needs that have chemicals that can damage the earth or damage our bodies so use them wisely. Or switch to all-natural products.

Now let's get into all this for bordering which I have only the government and the media to blame. It's just ridiculous how we are buying so much I don't have anything else to describe this I can write a whole page about this, but I don't think we would understand how ridiculous it is and uncaring for others. But we can also learn from this I now find it okay and responsible to have a backup of a lot of many different everyday things like toilet paper toothpaste dry food blankets and currency, but when I say back up I mean one or two not the whole back of the garage.

Diseases and viruses come and go and fade away but if you're that a hole in that store being rude to the store clerk or to others trying to buy weekly products for their house you will always be that a hole in their minds and that will not fade away. Yes support our local shopping stores but start getting curious about what you can buy online on Amazon or online stores like Walmart you might get surprised to see they even offer bigger discounts online. So let's remember always wash your hands never cough at the direction of someone if you feel sick stay at home and not just now this is always. This virus is not the end of the world it's actually a new beginning, a lesson on how we should live in this much more populated world than before.

Ricky Artega

Ricky’s Grub Shack Owner

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