The Del Puerto Reservoir project has been run under the radar and it will only benefit a few and ruin the canyon forever.  Is it worth it? It really comes down to money and I don’t think it is fair that our taxpayer money is being given away without our approval. Please help me get the Facts straight. Has federal money been allocated to this ill gotten proposal without the taxpayers consent?

It is a travesty to desecrate this historical and geological canyon and change a county road.  I went to a County Board of Supervisors meeting and was told “the water district can do what they want”.  I find it hard to believe that the county has no say in rerouting a county road.  How can the Board of Supervisors say “they have no input”.  

It will take up to 5 years to fill and most of the water would come from either the California Aqueduct or the Delta Mendota Canal.  

It seems that our taxpayer dollars would be better spent on the proposed Los Banos Grandes Reservoir (1.73 million acre feet).  This project has been awaiting funding since 1990 and would hold more than 20 times the capacity of the Del Puerto Reservoir and it is still within the service area for the local water districts. The Los Banos Grandes Reservoir is by far better suited than the ill proposed Del Puerto Canyon Reservoir, and this location doesn’t back up to a town and many large businesses.

I have addressed this with Josh Harder and have gotten no response. The meetings with Del Puerto Water District have been cancelled, but I’m sure they are still working behind the scene to get this project done without the public’s knowledge or proper input.

Respectfully Yours,

Karen Willard

Patterson resident

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