It’s nice to see Harder listening to the needs of our county. But after viewing his Patterson town hall meeting I saw the same ole “I hear ya” narrative with no concrete responses to decades of the same concerns and issues affecting our community. Funny how that although we’ve been dealing with these same issues for the past 15 years media has suddenly become very concerned and much more vocal about them the past 3 years. Just an educated observation.

But the purpose of my opinion today is to share my thoughts about the roots and heart of Democrat policies that are intent on changing our society and the minds of our children. As an evangelical Christian my support of any policy, party or candidate begins and ends with Gods truth. And any party that endorses, encourages and applauds abortion, homosexuality and lawlessness should not be supported by anyone who claims to honor God our Creator or his son Jesus.

These man made issues and lifestyles are scripturally condemned along with their consequences. Cdc.gov exposes the hidden truth about homosexuality and the horrific affects it has and continues to have on our minority communities. These statistics are never discussed by the media who tow the line for the Democrat party. Many see this as a continuation of Margaret Sangars plan of Eugenics AKA abortion, to rid society of the unwanted. Strategically this Democrat authored plan has now been marketed and disguised as women’s rights and equality when the statistics and facts of abortion and homosexuality prove it is far from that in minority communities! If black lives do matter abortion would not be such a focal point in the Democrats agenda as they are the group with the highest abortion rate. I for one will not fall prey to the lies of the left which are intended to create a two tier society. The rich and the poor of which enables the rich to control the poor, especially when the government offers to unrealistically provide for their every need. God help us before we cross that river of no return.

Diane Griego

Patterson resident

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