In these difficult times, there is solace in knowing our congressman, Josh Harder, continues to fight for us, as he promised during his campaign.

He promised action and pushed eight bills and amendments through the House, including:

n The School to Career Pathways Act which provides students apprenticeships, internships and other real-world experience opportunities, beginning in elementary school.

n The Making Education Affordable and Accessible Act which expands funding for dual-enrollment in college for high-school students

He promised to be the most accessible representative and was able to hold 18 Town halls for more than 1700 constituents! By contrast, his predecessor avoided them altogether.

He promised to represent everyone, regardless of political orientation. His predecessors focused on the few that would vote for him.

He said funding for local infrastructure was urgent and secured over $20M in funding for our valley’s local organizations and infrastructure.

Josh Harder is just starting. He clearly deserves the opportunity to continue doing the job! One certainty is no matter what your political orientation, you never want to go backwards. Josh Harder brought us to a point where we can already see a better future shaping up! Harder is the clear choice on March 3rd!

Julian Bentayeb

Newman resident

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Sadly any comments that oppose Harder and that share facts and statistics are silenced here. No wonder California is turning into a cesspool of homelessness, highest taxes, 42nd in education and illegal lawlessness! Democrats and their power hungry policies will be the death of the middle class.

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