I was glad to see Congressman Harder join his colleagues to introduce Medicare for All. We live in an agriculture community where many jobs are seasonal and not all employers offer health insurance. Which in turn, leaves many people struggling to get the health care they need. Let’s be real, bad health equals bad quality of life, with many bills. Regardless of economic status, one unexpected medical catastrophe can affect anyone with insurance, even more so those who don’t have health insurance.

One program that seems to be working is Medicare. People over age 65 and disabled people are the people that typically qualify for this program. The infrastructure is well established. Doctor’s already accept Medicare, Medicare has a billing structures that doctors use, and it’s already funded by taxpayers through tax-deductions. I am sure changes must be made to incorporate everyone else into this existing system.

The price of good health care and prescription are far too high. People with pre-existing conditions have to pay an even higher price for health care. It easy to say, that’s their problem when it doesn’t affect us. But let’s be real, who asks for cancer, or major trauma accident or to be born with disabilities. We need to be compassionate. Life happens and we need a true solution to provide health care to those who truly need it. Why not Medicare for ALL?

I am glad to see that Congressman Harder is keeping his promise, taking a stand on this issue, and refusing to back down.

Sergio Lopez


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I want to hear a realistic response as to how this will be paid for because NOTHING is free!

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