It is election season, and Mayor hopeful’s are out desiring our vote. After reading the September 24, 2020 “Patterson Irrigator” on page “9,” I see a LARGE Marijuana bust. I can’t help but remember the three times I went to speak to our city Council of the dangers to our community, children, and schools with the support of Drug uses in Patterson. Let alone the increase of homeless drug users. On page three, I see Mr. MCCORD is running for Mayor. The same man who supported the failed dope-dealing plan, he says, “the County forced us to do.” Our Mayor currently said it would not even be in town. That was not a true statement. Sheriff Jeff Dirkse gave a very telling record number of marijuana grow houses here in Patterson last year. I see from the September 24 Irrigator it has not changed. We were told, “ We need the weed,” so we can get funding to hire more Police to fight the increase of illegal marijuana. I must remind you, the legalization of marijuana was to REDUCE the crime of illegal marijuana. But that only works IF you buy Patterson weed. We have been lied to. You can have your recreational weed, but you have to buy it from only one dope dealer, the city of Patterson. We have an increase in shooting and crime on this city council’s watch. Please hold their feet to the fire this time. Our children have enough to worry about. COVID-19, no school, no sports, and fighting off drug pushers who make money off of them and destroy their goals and dreams. But the dope “dealers of Patterson” can’t even make money off of it. And when they do, at what expense? Your family.

Joseph Tenorio

Patterson Resident

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