Small towns like Patterson need a community newspaper. No one else will report on the business of life in Patterson. Oh sure, the Modesto Bee may report a murder, a kidnapping or a drug bust.

But they won’t report on our School Board meetings (do you have kids in school? Do you pay taxes that support the schools?) They won’t report on City Council meetings (do you live in this town and pay taxes?) They won’t report on Planning Commission meetings (do you want a factory across from your home?)

Consider the Federalist Papers, The Washington Post (Watergate), the Boston Globe (Catholic clergy sexual abuse scandal) and The New Yorker (Weinstein story and start of the “Me Too” movement). These are examples of reporters and journalists, bringing information to their communities. The stories can expose corruption, inform and enlighten. We need to know what is going on here, in our hometown. There’s plenty of information about the larger world around us. It’s everywhere. But this newspaper is the ONLY source of community information.

Please join me and my family and become of members of the Patterson Irrigator. As the media is telling us a lot lately, we are “in this together”.

Carol Scoles

Patterson resident

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