I am writing in support of Shawun Anderson who is running for Patterson City Council (District A). I’ve known Shawun for 20+ years as both her Supervisor at Girl Scouts of Northern California and as her friend. I am highlighting a few characteristics that make her an excellent candidate for the council position.

Personal Integrity and Professional Conduct

Leaders should lead by example and Shawun establishes rapport with others at all organizational levels. She is honest, respectful and fosters a team approach to her work promoting partnerships. At Girl Scouts one major function of her job is to develop lasting relationships with schools and community agencies. She has been a model for others by succeeding in this area and can enhance the unifying community work being done in Patterson.

Effective Communication

Communication is crucial when working with any group. A good listener, Shawun can integrate resources based on discussion(s) with community members and agencies and always seeks to acknowledge and validate the views and ideas of others.

Problem Solving and adaptability

Shawun is strong at identifying and analyzing potential problems and working to develop solutions. She must and will motivate herself not to be influenced by personal feelings/opinions when considering and representing facts. She can do this. Shawun is flexible in response to changing situations and unexpected obstacles.

Shawun Anderson is responsible, accountable, and personable. She can and will address assigned tasks; and is not afraid to ask for clarity or help. She is the kind of council person you will be able to count on during good and problem times. I eagerly welcome any further discussion regarding Shawun from anyone who would inquire.


Beverly Johnson

Former VP Community Services/ Program

Girl Scouts of Northern California

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