The proposed reservoir project would place two massive dams, one football field in height each, on seven active landslides, just above the City of Patterson. The project is strictly for agricultural use (no water recreation, no trespassing), shipping the resource as far as one hundred miles south.

Most locals understand the need for water storage, however, valid concerns exist regarding the location and safety of the project (pollution, safety, home value). Due to these concerns, a letter was recently sent to all members of City Council which made a plea for democratic values to be upheld to garner authentic public feedback. The letter proposed:

1) The city provide equal time for presentations during a public meeting, both for (project partners) and against (Save Del Puerto Canyon) the current location.

2) The city mail a FAQ sheet, and a poll, where residents may show their preference either for or against the current project location.  

The letter was sent by Save Del Puerto Canyon, a grassroots non-profit, on behalf of the thousands of individuals who have signed the petition, scientists who oppose the project, parents, students, business owners and more. Please attend the City Council Meeting 8/18 for public comment.

Shivaugn Alves

President of Save Del Puerto Canyon

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