Soon, citizens across our state will begin to receive their mail-in ballots. With that comes the most contentious race, the Presidential race. In the past, it has been a race between Democrat and Republican values, but the field has changed. The Presidential Race of 2020 is the fight to preserve American Democracy. Since his first race, Donald Trump has talked about not accepting the election results if he loses, and as of late, he has made efforts to break the trust in our voting process that we have taken for granted for too long. The Trump Campaign has been mobilizing volunteers in preparation for the election. They have been recruiting “Poll Watchers,” a modern version of the Red Shirts used in the past to intimidate poor, Black, and Hispanic voters.

When you vote, do not forget everything he has done.

Do not forget he called American soldiers who died fighting in WWI “losers” and “suckers.” Do not forget his incompetence as a leader has led to over 200,000 American deaths from Covid-19 and counting. Do not forget he mobilized his Republican cronies in Congress to cut taxes for the rich but does not mobilize them to support working-class people as we face the worst unemployment rates since the Great Depression. Do not forget he refuses any independent or congressional oversight, going as far as removing the Inspector General tasked with leading the committee to oversee the allocation of congressionally-approved funds.

Most did not know what a vote for Donald Trump would mean in 2016, but in 2020, a vote for Donald Trump is undeniable support for incompetent leadership, racism, xenophobia, and fascism. This not only applies to Donald Trump, but to every congressional candidate running to be another puppet of his.

Visit california.ballottrax.net to track your mail-in ballot.

Carlos Ortega

Patterson resident

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