When Josh Harder was running for Congress, I attended a march in downtown Modesto to protest trumps policy of detaining children at the border. When I heard Josh Harder’s speech, I realized he felt the same way I did. It was at that moment I decided I wanted to volunteer to get this young man elected.

Since Josh was elected as our Congressman, he has held many town hall meetings. I have attended several and as I watched him interact with everyone in the room, I see how concerned he is with everyone’s issues. He doesn’t see democrat or republican; he sees people; human beings who need help with medical care, veteran services and other issues, he listened to their problems then took names and phone numbers of those requesting assistance.

Josh Harder has supported 312 bipartisan bills, and advocated for Central Valley families who were owed over $500,000 in payments by the VA, IRS, Medicare and other federal agencies. He also sponsored an Amendment to the Protecting Americans with Pre-existing Conditions Act to help protect people who require mental health care and treatment from losing their insurance coverage.

I hope that the valley residents see Josh Harder as a man who truly cares about people no matter what party they belong to and vote for him on March 3, 2020.

Helen Mihalopoulos

Modesto resident

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The practice of detaining those breaking our laws at the border were started by the Obama administration. Why is that fact ignored by Democrats, their constituents and Josh Harder? The Central Valleys biggest issues are infrastructure, water and taxes of which Harder has done nothing about. Housing being built in Tracy right off Hwy 5 will make the already congested traffic issue 10 times worse! And when the dam construction begins it will be a two hour drive each way to and from the bay with the added traffic. Yes more affordable housing is appreciated but not if your not home enough to enjoy it.

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