Basically, a lie is an untruth but there are lies that can be chalked up to a matter of opinion. These can be tactful, “Do I look fat?”, or sweet, “That’s lovely.”, or encouraging, “Good job.” There are lies people will tell to save themselves or others. Then there are lies that are devious deceptions. This seems to be what so many of us are accusing President Trump of minute by minute and are so outrageous that he must be the champion. Black marker on a map? Right!

What about our sweet old uncle? He tells great stories of conquest and bravery and gets things a little mixed up. A gaff here and there and a little wobbly, but he’s harmless and loving. Right?

Then there’s the fellow who said we have 57 states then emphatically told us, “If we liked our ???…” How many Pinocchios did he earn? Oh, no worries. That is just a nursery story and a cartoon. Right?

Just for this missive I will ask you to remember the fellow who did not seem to know what the meaning of IS---IS. He got out of that one with the help of Larry Flynt and his Hustler magazine. Right?

Helen Castro

Patterson resident

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