With the COVID 19 crisis, it is more important than ever to be connected to our local elected officials as we look to their leadership in these troubled times. If citizens of Patterson are unable to attend public meetings due to social distancing, the only way they can participate and learn about important issues, is through newspaper reporting, social media, direct mail or our Westside Public Access cable television channel 7.

Well over a decade ago, a previous City Council negotiated with Comcast cable to provide a Westside Public Access television channel. This was the result of two years of negotiations of which I was a committee member.

As recently as last week, meetings from June 2018 were being broadcast on the Westside Public Access channel with no audio. The result of personally pointing this out at several City Council meetings earlier this year is nothing. Nothing is done. This has been an ongoing issue for at least one year.

Is the City of Patterson shutting out public access to the Westside Public Access channel? Any councilmember can place this important item on the agenda or talk about it at a public meeting, yet no one has done so. There are many important issues facing the citizens of Patterson and we look to our elected officials for leadership and action.

According to one of our City Attorneys, the City of Patterson could be inundated with up to ten feet of water in the event of a catastrophic failure of the Del Puerto Water District Reservoir, proposed to be looming directly uphill, at the western border of our community. We need our elected leaders to communicate with the citizens of Patterson about this and other important issues affecting our families and livelihoods.

Please, Patterson Mayor and City Council, fix the communication problem, communicate clearly with the citizens of Patterson and provide transparent and clear access to our governmental process. These are times when your leadership is most important.


David Keller

Patterson resident


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