I am writing to share my first hand accounts of the hard work and dedication of all staff members at Sacred Heart Catholic School in Patterson. I am both a parent of a child that (physically) attends that school and also a part-time employee. From day one of the decision to re-open the campus for the students to attend in person, until now I have witnessed how diligently the school staff have worked in order to ensure meeting all safety guidelines. From the pre-opening task force meetings, of which I served as a member, to the most recent addition of Extended Care Services. Each phase of the re-introduction of grade-level cohorts and services has been cautiously implemented and supervised over by the Principal, Theresa Rothstein. I am aware that there are others’ opinions and information that are shared within our community, but it is so disheartening to see how a couple of misguided views can shed negative light on something that is so valuable for our children. Nothing is going to be 100 percent safe or guaranteed during these challenging times. But it helps us to continue to work together and support each other when challenges arise. Yes, a staff member tested positive for Covid-19, however, all county provided guidelines were timely followed in order to ensure the safety of others. I can attest to the transparency of Mrs. Rothstein’s efforts. She has always provided me with reassurance and continued support with my concerns for my child’s and my own safety.  My hopes are that other parents will make an effort to speak with staff and teachers regarding any questions or concerns they may have. I feel that it is more helpful when a community comes together during times of challenges rather than focusing on negative untruths.

Mrs. Amparo Bustos-Navarro

Patterson Resident

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