Patterson resident, Natalie Villanueva releases third book

Patterson resident Natalie Villanueva is at it again with the release of her new poetry book, “The Joy of Forgetting.”

A class of 2020 Patterson High School graduate, Natalie wrote her first book during her Senior year titled, “Misplaced” which was a way for Villanueva to project her emotions through the protagonist, Aspen, as she weaved her way through the horrid world of human trafficking.

After leaving her readers with a cliffhanger at the end of “Misplaced,” Villanueva got to work on releasing her second novel, “Placed” which she self-published.

“I feel like I write the best whenever I go through something,” said Villanueva. “When I wrote my first book, nothing crazy had happened in my life, but when I started to write my second book, the only reason that I felt inspired was because my best friend had passed away and in that little stage of grief, I was motivated to do something creative with the way that I was feeling.”

With her poetry book, Villanueva felt free to express her feelings through herself instead of hidden behind a fictional character. This feeling took her writing to new heights as she captured the memories of her teenage years to paper.

“Getting closer to the age of 20, looking back at the teenage years I wanted to capture what it was like to be young,” said Villanueva. “Because when you’re young, you go through a phase of shedding old habits and old ways of being you and that time that it takes you to get to where you’re supposed to be, that time period is like a void. I feel like it's so empty and you are trying to latch on to who you want to be and who you used to be and I wanted to capture all of that before I forget it going into adulthood.”

Apart from writing, Villanueva is a full-time student at CSU Stanislaus majoring in English with a minor in Journalism and is currently completing the Single Subject Matter Program where she will graduate with her credentials to teach AP English.

In her new book, Villanueva hopes that readers will be able to connect with her experiences and share a sense of unity.

“I wanted to capture all of my feelings and present them in a way that wasn’t coming out angsty or cynical. I wanted to present those feelings in a really artistic way. When I think of poetry, it's this feeling when you read something. Poetry captures the essence of what it’s like to be human. It’s able to connect people and give people a sense of community. They are able to find themselves in between the lines. I want someone to read my words and read what I went through and relate.”

“The Joy of Forgetting” by Natalie Pauline Villanueva is available for purchase on Amazon by title search or author.

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