Patterson sees spike in COVID-19 cases

According to new data released by the Stanislaus County Health Services Agency, Patterson has seen an over 30 percent spike in Covid-19 cases in the last 30 days, with 546 positives recorded from November 27, and now sits at 1,652 total cases.

The county remains in crisis with about 2,000 total COVID-19 related hospitalizations, and 350 current COVID related hospitalizations, taking the ICU bed capacity in Stanislaus county to below 5 percent, just over 10 percent shy of meeting the minimum requirements to cease Governor Newsom’s current stay at home order.

Stanislaus County currently has a two week positivity rate of 15 percent, at 33,623 total positive tests and 298,936 negative tests, with an average turnaround time of 1.64 days. There were 475 new positive cases and 81 probable cases (individuals that have tested positive using rapid antigen tests) recorded as of Monday morning.

On Christmas Eve, California topped 2 million positive COVID-19 cases, as officials anxiously await the new positivity counts from holiday travelers in the coming weeks. This will likely prompt Governor Newsom to extend the current stay at home order.

“We are likely, I think it’s pretty self-evident, going to need to extend those regional dates,” said Governor Newsom. “...Based upon all the data and based upon all these trend lines, it is very likely based on those current trends that we’ll need to extend that stay at home order, (which) you recall was a three-week order when we announced it.”

54 percent of positive cases in the county are female, and 46 percent male. 47 percent are Hispanic/Latino, 41 percent Non-Hispanic White, 3 percent Non-Hispanic African American, 1 percent Non-Hispanic American Indian, 5 percent Non-Hispanic Asian, 1 percent Non-Hispanic Hawaiian, and 3 percent other. Hispanic/Latino makes up 47 percent of the total population in Stanislaus County, and 64 percent of its positive COVID-19 cases.

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