Patterson superstar housekeeper wins $5,000 cash award

Miriam Rodriguez, a housekeeper at Best Western Plus Villa Del Lago was surprised to find out that she won the inaugural Cintas Corporation 2021 S.H.I.N.E Award. Surrounded by her four children and co-workers she accepted the award with great humility and gratitude.

“It wasn’t even in my mind that I was going to win I thought it was going to be one of my co-workers. I was hoping the best for the winner,” Rodriguez said.

S.H.I.N.E. stands for Star Housekeepers In A New Era. The nationwide program has set out to recognize the important role housekeepers play in the hospitality sector, especially throughout the pandemic.

The hospitality sector took one of the hardest economical hits during the pandemic. Suffering significant staffing shortages and increased workloads housekeepers have kept their guests and co-workers safe by adopting rigorous and everchanging cleaning and disinfecting protocols and Miriam did it all with a smile on her face and a positive and encouraging attitude.

Ashley Hernandez, the manager of Best Western Plus Villa Del Lago said, “She is one of our top performers and we are so happy for her to win this award.” Miriam’s work ethic is recorded and extolled on the Cintas SHINE Award website. “Miriam strives for perfection in cleanliness, and although she is deaf, she does not allow it to be an obstacle in her housekeeping role. She always has a positive attitude and regularly communicates with and shows appreciation for hotel guests. Miriam helps lift employee morale and has been instrumental in upholding cleanliness for the property during the pandemic.”

“When my boss told me that I was being nominated it was a surprise, I wasn’t expecting it,” Rodriguez said about being recognized. “I’m really grateful, and thankful for the company.”

As the grand prize winner, Rodriguez is responsible for winning additional prizes for her property. The package includes:

•A training and development package from Indoor Environmental Healthcare and Hospitality Association valued at $3,500

•Enrollment in the Global Biorisk Advisory Council and a one-day, on site consultation, valued at $3,300

•A Rubbermaid Commercial Products package of cleaning essentials, valued at more than $2,300

•$2,500 in Cintas products and services

As for her personal winnings, Miriam plans to use the award money to take her family to Disneyland, a vacation well earned.

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