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Stanislaus County Public Health Educator, Kamlesh Kaur confirmed that Patterson’s COVID-19 vaccine clinic will resume the administration of vaccines as they become available with priority being given to those receiving the second dose, beginning Friday, Feb. 26.

The clinic, operated by Stanislaus County Public Health in partnership with The City of Patterson, Del Puerto Health Care District, and Patterson Joint Unified School District vaccinated approximately 1000 individuals over the course of two operational days.

The clinic was expected to continue providing vaccinations on a weekly basis however, Stanislaus County continues to experience limited vaccine availability from the state forcing the Patterson location to be closed two weeks in a row.

On Feb.12 SCPH announced that vaccine distribution will be extended to include individuals 50 years and older identified in tier one of phase 1B, to begin on Feb. 22. This phase includes these sectors: people 65 years of age and over (previously included in phase 1A), frontline essential workers including, law enforcement emergency services (those without patient contact), education (teachers, support staff, daycare), and food and agriculture.

Kaur told the Irrigator that the County has received their allocation of doses and expects Patterson to receive approximately 400 doses to be administered on Feb. 26. Those receiving the COVID-19 booster (second dose), will be prioritized as they must receive the dose on a specific timeline for the vaccination to be effective against SARS-CoV-2, better known as COVID-19.

The clinic opened at Creekside Middle School on Jan. 29 to begin vaccinating individuals in phase 1A of the County’s distribution plan. Phase 1A includes three tiers of individuals who are prioritized based on their risk of contracting and spreading the virus. The phase is made up of high-risk individuals including most health care workers and was extended to include individuals 65 years of age and older.

The Patterson clinic is expected to move to a new location when it reopens. The Hammon Senior Center is the most likely venue, but the final decision has yet to be made and the reasoning for the move is unknown.

Patterson Joint Unified School District initially made Creekside Middle School available for use through the month of February with potential availability through March as well since middle school students return to in-person instruction has been further delayed.

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