The Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) club at Patterson High School has been hard at work practicing their health care skills with their teacher, Mr. Freddy Galvan.

Last Wednesday, Galvan demonstrated some basic bandage stabilization techniques on the hands while students took notes waiting for their turn to try.

“What we want to avoid here is too much thumb flexion,” said Galvan to the HOSA members. “So that’s what we are trying to lock in right there...I’m just kind of eyeballing this size and I’m going to go over and secure this now in place and a lot of times with tape, you don’t force it where it doesn’t want to go, you just kind of allow it to go wherever it wants.”

Galvan secured the thumb in a way that prevents it from flexing, a procedure most commonly applied to a sprained thumb.

These demonstrations not only allow students to learn new skills, but it serves as practice for HOSA competitions around the region.

“We compete with other chapters to see who knows more about the medical field,” said club president, Arianna Martinez. “There’s also a debate and different aspects of the competition [regarding different medical fields].”

A senior at Patterson High School, Martinez is in her third year with the club and plans to compete regionally with other members from the PHS HOSA club.

Apart from learning and competing, the club also participates in club activities around the PHS campus and tries to give back where their skills allow.

“It’s kind of like a smaller club here on campus, but we participate in all the PHS stuff and we want to plan a blood drive and work with ASB as part of their club’s blood drive that they have coming up too.”

According to HOSA’s website, HOSA wishes to inspire, educate and develop students who aspire to become excellent health care professionals through student-led leadership programs, integrated school-based health science programs, and community partnerships.

If any members of the community would like to learn more on how to contribute to the HOSA club, please email Freddy Galvan at:

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