PHS student recognized by SCOE for photography

Michael Zaragoza is a junior at Patterson High School and has caught the attention of the Stanislaus County Office of Education (SCOE) for his photography. Zaragoza’s photograph of the sunset behind a lighthouse on the central coast of California will be put on display at the Stanislaus County Office of Education in downtown Modesto.

Zaragoza said he gained an affinity for photography while growing up around his sister, who also practiced photography. He loves to take pictures of the outdoors and nature. Zaragoza praises his photography class and PHS teacher Cade Tomasegovich; who taught him how to capture moments he normally would not have noticed or known how.

“Mr. T teaches us [about] certain angles and how to use a photography grid,” said Zaragoza. “He shows us how to get the pictures more self-centered using the basics and he usually assigns us an assignment every week to challenge us. He shows us the rules of how to get certain angles and better shots while also challenging us to get out of our comfort zone and [take pictures of] what I would not normally do. Now [because of my photography class] I can take more pictures. I have a better eye now.”

Zaragoza was quite modest about his recognition and just credited the moment that was captured.

“My dad had just taken me out to the beach, I saw the lighthouse right when the sunset was going down and there was a plane flying over the lighthouse; I just took the shot.”

In case any readers were wondering, Zaragoza’s photograph was taken on an iPhone 8 and he hopes to one day be able to purchase a professional camera and make photography a form of income.

“Congrats to Michael for his wonderful work,” said SCOE Director of the Arts, Amy Bultena.

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