Wrestlers from Patterson High School attended the Clash Before Christmas tournament at Pacheco High on December 17.

Of the 17 athletes that competed in the tournament, six received first place, five received second place and three placed third. Weight classes were pooled, and results are as follows:

Girls Varsity

Abby Rosales 3rd (1-2) wins over Firebaugh

Ximena Valdez-Saavedra 3rd (1-2) wins over Mariposa

Miriam Balumbu 2nd (2-1) wins over Pacheco and Livingston

Boys Novice

Ryan Scott- 2nd (1-2) wins over Pacheco

Coby Joseph 2nd (2-1) wins over Pacheco and Hollister

Boys JV

Diego Ortiz 3rd (2-2) wins over Central Valley and Waterford

Alfredo Hernandez 1st (3-0) wins over Atwater, Central valley and Hollister

Austin Klith 1st (4-0) wins over Grace Davis, Mariposa, Hollister, Central Valley

Gavin Ross 1st (4-0) wins over Ripon, Hollister, Mariposa, Atwater

Daniel Linares 1st (3-0) wins over Pacheco, Firebaugh and Central Valley

Jaden Arredondo 2nd (2-1) wins over Central Valley and Atwater

Daniel Estrada 1st (4-0) wins over Atwater, Firebaugh, Ripon, Central Valley

Tripp Skoien 2nd (2-1) wins over Ripon and Dos Palos

Josef Skoien 1st (3-0) wins over Hollister, Ripon and Dos Palos

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