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Paul Wallace of the California School Boards Stanislaus Association was first to address the board during Presentations by Staff, Community members or Students.

Wallace, a longtime Trustee for the Newman/Crows Landing CSBA, was recently promoted to Director of the CSBA and was looking for someone from Patterson to fill his vacant trustee seat.

“I’m hoping somebody from Patterson is interested in taking that on,” said Wallace. “I found [this position] to be really rewarding and helped me as a trustee. One of the important things that we do is we go around the room and ask ‘what's going on in your district?’

Wallace said that asking this question at CSBA meetings, which take place at the Stanislaus Office of Education in Downtown Modesto, helps to establish a familiarity and pattern and understanding of problems around multiple districts.

“We [speak to Superintendents] and say ‘Hey this is going on in Waterford, do we need to worry about this in Patterson?’ It’s made me a better board member from that. So I hope one of you guys really wants to take that on because it’s important that the west side be represented in that.”

CSEA Chief Job Steward, Ruben Estrada took to the lectern to show his appreciation for Superintendent, Dr. Reyes Gauna.

“[The CSEA] Would like to take this time to thank Dr. Reyes for your open communication with concerns related to members. You have responded quickly to put members at ease with everyone returning to school. We are also excited to see our students next week. Thank you all.”

Director of Student Support, Ken Fitzgerald shared an update about Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports.

Fitzgerald said that the main purpose of PBIS is to provide effective and equitable schools for all students.

“The way that we develop [predictable, positive, consistent and safe environments for students] is to develop positive behavioral expectations, develop consistent rules, provide instruction on the rules, enforce the rules and provide consistent pathways to direct, support or re-enforce those rules,” said Fitzgerald. “That’s really the tip of the PBIS iceberg…Our students have better attendance; better academic scores and they feel safer at school. They feel like adults care about them when we do PBIS well.”

Superintendent's Report

Dr. Gauna used his time to thank members of the CSEA and school sites for their hard work and dedication to getting the schools in shape for students to return. He also shared his excitement for the upcoming back to school block party.

“Good evening, I’d first like to give a shout out to our CSEA partners for the opportunity to really embrace a collaborative motto and providing our team an opportunity to address any concerns or even ideas that they may have,” said Dr. Gauna. “They’ve had some amazing ideas. I’m really excited about our block party on Saturday. We're hoping you will join us. It will be an opportunity to meet trustees, cabinet members, staff, we have over 40 different organizations that will be joining us as well. I also want to thank our staff that have been here all summer, that are returning, they have been working diligently from our maintenance and operations, to our custodians to our managers, they have been working really hard to make sure our schools are ready and everything is prepared.”

Facilities and Performing Arts Center Coordinator

Guillermo Meza was introduced to the board by Jeff Menge as PJUSD’s selection for the

Facilities and Performing Arts Center Coordinator.

“We had to find someone special for that role and not just someone who's gonna oversee the building but be actively part of working with our facility, students, and community. Someone who can really take on that role and embodies commitment to our students and has a strong sense of community…[It’s] for these reasons among many others that we thought Guillermo would be an amazing fit for this position.”

Dr. Gauna chimed in with his thoughts on Meza’s selection.

“What Guillermo brings is something that a lot of times we don’t capture. He and his family have a lot of experience in this industry, and he brings that aspect to the job that I think you can't really train. I think what I'm most proud of in the selection of Guillermo is that one of the things we want to foster in our district is that sometimes districts bypass the talent they already have in their district. Not saying there weren't qualified candidates but something that really stood out is that he fit the profile in every way, shape or form.”

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