Planning Commission agrees to lot line adjustment

The City of Patterson’s Planning Commission held a meeting on October 8 via Zoom.

There was only one item on the agenda regarding a lot line adjustment at a property located near E Street and First Street.

Chairman Ron West presented the commission with a change to the minutes from the September 10 meeting.

For clarification of the topic being discussed, the line that read, “The commission wants to make sure the South County Corridor includes a replacement bridge.” was changed to read, “The commission wants to make sure the South County Corridor includes a new bridge.” Further, Chairman West wanted to add that the project being discussed was a new bridge at Zacharias Road, not Sperry Avenue. There were no objections to the change in minutes, and they were approved.

Teresa Rodriguez from the City’s planning division presented the Staff Report on the lot line application. The applicant leases the property to City Tow and has requested the lot line adjustment to make more efficient use of the property.

Rodriguez reported that all requirements were met, that there would be no odd shaped lots, and the parcels would maintain a frontage to the main street.

A public hearing was held, no comments were made.

In the absence of The Applicant, the commission assumed that they had no comment and agreed to the eight conditions listed in the application approval. A motion to adopt Resolution 2020-09 approving lot line 20-01 was passed with Chairman West’s votes, and Commissioners Aplan and Linares.

After a brief discussion between commission members about the City’s reopening status, it was determined that future meetings would include the color-coded chart used by the Governor’s office to keep commission members aware of the current status.

Chairman West suggested a two-person sub-committees’ appointment to discuss some of the questions and concerns that he has received about “setbacks, speed limits, and parking” in regard to the Highway 33 Corridor. It was agreed that the sub-committee should be added to the agenda for the October 22 meeting to give the opportunity for public input.

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