I'm writing to you because of something I find reprehensible in our schools. I'm almost 60 and trying to get through college to better my life. When the pandemic hit, college became a lot harder, but I'm holding a 4.0 GPA. Financially we're struggling hard, and can't afford to get the things done we need to because our only income is my husband’s disability and I'm going to school full time. I got a recent email from MJC, stating we could "get extra money" ($500.00) if we comply with vaccine mandates. Mandates of an experimental vaccine should not be pushed by our schools, especially with deaths and injuries climbing daily. To dangle $500 in our face that we could use for food, or to fix our leaking roof, or get a car that runs, is ethically and morally wrong and doesn't belong in public schools! Its discrimination to offer money "only to those who comply". I've reached out to the school, but no one seems to care. I'm sad about what's going on in our country and how those that need help and are trying to improve their lives are ignored because of their personal choices. Why is this allowed?

Rebecca Taliaferro


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