Dear Editor(s),

I believe that Jessica’s House is an amazing idea for young people who have suffered the loss of a loved one. I’m sure many readers who live outside Turlock or have never heard of Jessica’s House appreciate your publishing this. Your article itself is great -nice and brief; I have some questions, though, that I feel your article should've answered. Also included is my own take on certain topics.

How was the community able to raise so much money for the project, never mind in such a short span of time?

It should’ve been specified how long kids and young adults are allowed to stay in the facility, or if they’re allowed to stay until they fully recuperate. The building looks quite large. Are there rooms in which they can stay while recuperating?

As for the Dramatic Playroom, wouldn't you think that children replaying the story of their loss “through dramatic play” would only make them sadder by having them relive those tragic moments?

It would've been nice if you provided reasoning for it being called the “Volcano Room”.

I might be wrong, but my interpretation is that they named it so because people are allowed to let all their emotions burst like how a volcano does with its lava and gases. If that’s correct, I’m not a fan of the name -it seems too dark and ironic. I think the public would also like to know some examples of how children are able to physically express themselves in the Volcano Room.

I’m confused about the Hospital Playroom. If a child’s loved one died in a hospital and they were there with them in the moments before, during, or after they died, one would think that the last place they’d want to be in is the same kind of environment where the death occurred.


Roman Navarro

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