I read Rachel Dyer's September 20 article "Beyond the grocery store" with great interest. Not only do I find the topic very intriguing, but I also think she raises a couple of important issues. First of all, it's frightening how many people don't think about the origins of their food - it's sad but true. The illustration based on a ready-to-eat pizza within a few minutes, I find very successful. Here it shows a big problem of our society: Unconsciousness. Once you think a bit about the subject, you realize how much resources, effort and effort must be made to ultimately enjoy such a luxury. I would like to see more people become aware of the elaborate process of creation. This way, the farmers, food producers and workers can be more appreciated. Maybe then more people would enjoy their food more too. There is also a chance that they would be less wasteful with it, knowing how much work and energy is behind it.

The example with the peach tree also illustrates very well that quality has a certain price. You can't expect to get fresh and healthy vegetables for penny amounts. In other words, it becomes clear that if you invest a little more, you usually get more in return. We should generally pay more attention to our consumption behaviour, I think.

Especially because there are a lot of people who can't easily stock up on food without worrying because they don't have much money.

I hope this article will give many people a new perspective on their food consumption and make them more aware of the origin of their products.

Julia Lorenz


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