Retirement doesn’t mean idle for Patterson Police Sergeant

The Irrigator caught up with Sergeant Joe Mendonza on his way back from a quick trip to the mountains after his retirement from Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department on March 10.

Mendonza was a deputy in Patterson in 2014 and 2015 and has served the community as a sergeant for the last two years.

Patterson isn’t necessarily considered a favored work community for many deputies due to the more remote location in the county -- in comparison to other the contract cities. That wasn’t a problem for Mendonza who lives relatively close to the area though. “Patterson is a nice community. It’s nice to work in, big enough for some action but not too crazy,” he said.

Mendonza and his wife, Holly, plan to spend more time travelling once the COVID-19 pandemic lets up, with hopes of visiting the Grand Canyon and maybe eventually making their way across the country to Florida.

He plans to return to duty at the end of the year as a reservists and said he will also continue teaching at the academy when he isn’t busy ranching, an enterprise he’s been involved in for a number of years.

Sgt. Mendonza’s “log-off” video was posted on Patterson Police Services Facebook page, a pretty common practice in today’s virtual society. Mendonza said, “Josh (Chief Joshua Clayton) told me it had like 112,000 views, I was really surprised by that.” The video has now been watched more than 120,000 times has had hundreds of other interactions from the public. It can still be viewed on PPS Facebook page as well as the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department Facebook page.

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