“No way”, “That’s crazy”, “This is scary”, “The City wouldn’t approve this”.

Want to bet? That’s what we thought, but apparently we have a city council, manager, planning/ building/engineering departments that rubber stamp projects, allowing committees to spend CITY moneys without concern for its citizens.

The project at odds with the residents and HOMEOWNERS of Spanish Barb Way is the proposed and rubber stamped Salado Creek Urban Bike Trail which will run parallel to the existing walkway and bike lane north of Sperry on American Eagle, less than 30’ from the existing trail.  Funded as part of the State’s Urban Greening Grant Program, it’s intended to improve lives, but instead will desecrate a neighborhood.

We residents suffer greater liability, crime, vandalism, noise, traffic (foot & vehicle), trash, peeping toms, graffiti, and lack of privacy (both front and backyard) than most areas of Patterson.  We can’t and shouldn’t be expected to suffer more. 

Our retaining wall is 4½’ at its lowest and 6’ at its highest, compared to fences 7’ high further north where homes are set at angles (affording greater privacy), not parallel to the path.  Our living rooms, bedrooms and baths are 22’ from the wall.  Having a pathway this close to our homes condemns us to a life of drawn shades and closed shutters. 

No Environmental Impact Study was administered.  A committee (Capital Projects) failed to approach us (in person, first class mail) and instead held zoom meetings we were not aware of. 

Is this the best we can expect from our electorate and city hall?  If so, then it is time to elect new officials willing to serve us and grow Patterson to standards worthy of a city of 25,000 people.   We need a hospital, a police force, and shorter freeway access.  We don’t need representatives who rubber stamp projects without regard to their impact on citizens.

We do not need a duplicate bike/pedestrian walkway.  Make your voices be heard, contact city hall, the mayor, and your councilperson, and suggest they find it.  What are they hiding from you?

We deserve better than this!

Residents of Spanish Barb Way

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