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Senator Anna M. Caballero (D-Merced) presented a ceremonial check in the amount of three-million-dollars to Supervisor Channce Condit and county staff on December 14.

The funds, made available through a state budget request, will be used to assist the construction and refurbishing of Bonita Pool in Crows Landing and to replace and resurface the play structure at the Leroy Fitzsimmons Memorial Park in Grayson.

According to Condit, plans for the Bonita Pool project had been put on hold after losing two-million dollars of grant funding. Due to delays caused by the COVID pandemic and rising inflation, the previous allocation wasn’t sufficient to cover the assumed construction costs.

Condit met with community members on multiple occasions in an attempt to prevent the state from reallocating the funds. He said the county offered to adjust the plans so that Crows Landing would still be able to utilize the funding but plans to construct a spray park or other park facility wasn’t what the community wanted.

In the current economic state, the loss of the funding seemed like an insurmountable obstacle until Senator Anna Caballero’s office extended a lifeline. “Senator Caballero’s office reached out to us,” Condit said. “I don’t know if that’s something they all do, but she did.” The Senator asked local representatives for their wish list, so to speak. In response, Condit said, “A hospital, matching funds for sidewalks, and the Bonita Pool.”

The process of securing the funding took about a year to complete, Condit said, and throughout that time Caballero’s office was in regular communication with the Supervisor’s office. “We were cautiously optimistic, we knew it was a difficult request,” Condit said.

In receipt of the funds Condit said, “I want to thank the Senator for being a fearless fighter with us in these efforts in seeing these funds allocated to this community project. This pool will benefit the community and provide a safe, and fun way to come together.” The community has made this clear to the both of us that this is a priority and I’m thankful we are able to deliver.”

Supervisor Condit said he plans to see this project through as expeditiously as possible. Working with newly elected Senator Marie Alvarado-Gil to get the project approved by the state is first on the list and, with some luck, in about six months the Bonita Pool project may be under way.

For additional information please contact the Office of Supervisor Channce Condit 209-525-6474 or 209-595-0365.

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