Seniors line-up for Miss Tiger Pageant at PHS

The fourth annual Miss Tiger Pageant took place at the Patterson High School auditorium last Wednesday at 7 p.m. Twelve seniors who each represented a club or sport were judged by PHS staff and members of the community on how creative they were in representing their club or sport.

“Miss Tiger is our annual pageant where we take 12 seniors and we have them compete in dance, formal wear, a club themed dress up and a game,” said ASB President Neva Essex.

Ashley Corona won first place in the pageant representing the cheer team as their captain.

“I thought this would be a really good experience and I wanted to represent our cheerleaders and create this good image of what being a cheerleader means,” said Ashley. “It’s basically just creating our spirit and making sure that our school is well-rounded and liked and that everybody has a good time here at PHS.”

The runners-up for the pageant were Drama Club President, Kahlan Gentry and Swim Team Captain Kaeley Wheeland. Miss Congeniality was won by Frances Pierce after the members of the audience voted during intermission.

Many seniors participated in the pageant to not only represent their clubs, but to start a foundation for something larger, such as runner-up Kahlan Gentry who used the platform to bring attention to future goals for the community.

“I’m working towards building more of an all-inclusive opportunities program for Drama and Performing Arts in Patterson,” said Kahlan. “That's what I want to leave and study and then come back and build here so that finances and our area aren’t a factor in the ability of kids to go and make something of themselves and perform in front of huge crowds. I joined because I feel like that would be a great representation of Patterson High School and what can come of it for the students that go here.”

Dominique Martinez used the platform to bring attention to the Gay Straight Alliance club at PHS.

“It’s been a nice experience doing this with all the other girls,” said Dominique. “I also wanted to bring a little bit more representation to one of the more underrated clubs on campus, the Gay Straight Alliance. They raise awareness and educate people on the LGBTQ community.”

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