Dear Editor,

Many people will recognize that famous line from “Hamlet”, one of Shakespeare’s most well known plays. I can’t get this line out of my head because of the unanswered question of Shivaugn Alves’ legal residency in District A, the district she just ran for a city council seat. During Tuesday’s (Nov. 17) City Council Public Comment period, multiple people voiced concern about her eligibility to run, including neighbors who live near the house she owns. These neighbors have lived in close proximity to that house for many years and claim they have never seen nor talked to Ms. Alves. Unknown people have been seen going in and out of the house, never talking to residents. In addition to comments Tuesday, other neighbors have written letters to the Council and city manager stating the same. Some neighbors are afraid to speak up.

I started thinking that if I were Ms. Alves, I’d be making a lot of noise, proving I lived in the home full-time and confirming that with backup material. I didn’t hear her offer to do that, other than to video herself live doing her laundry. I also have to ask, where are her friends, supporters and family? Why haven’t they spoken out on her behalf? The silence is deafening.

My hope is that the issue is resolved soon so District A constituents can feel good about their vote, either for Ms. Alves or Ms. Anderson.

Monica Della Maggiore

Patterson resident

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