Creekside wrestling

The Creekside Middle School wrestling program had 27 top five finishes at the 2020 Northern Merced Wrestling League Finals held at Livingston High last Saturday.

Above back row from left to right: Logan Ledford, Daniel Estrada, Raul Orosco, Tristen Cuellar, Mateo Heredia, Alex Layfield, Lexi Capote, Gavin Ross and Corvin Lewis. Middle row left to right: Cameron Reid, Mirium Balumbo, Abigail Rosales, Gaby Ross, Zane Cuellar, Daniel Linares and Alex Gutierrez. Front row left to right: Aiden Phillips, Deshaun Boone, Diego Ortiz, Daniel Capote, Alfredo Hernandez, Chris Deniz, Jesus Chavez and Ximena Saavedra.

Creekside wrestling dominated the standings with 27 grapplers finishing in the top five at the 2002 Northern Merced Wrestling League Finals held at Livingston High on Feb. 22.

A total of six schools (Creekside, Delhi, Denair, Livingston, Mariposa and Mitchell) attended the one-day tournament.

The Panthers had nine first-place, eight second-place, three third-place, five fourth-place, and two fifth-place finishers over the weekend for a resounding strong showing by the Creekside grapplers. Creekside’s total of 27 top finishers easily outpaced the rest of the field. Livingston was the next closest with 16 top five results.

Below is a full list of Creekside’s results:

Varsity 76- Alfredo Hernandez (1st), Deshaun Boone (2nd), Daniel Capote (3rd)

Varsity 83- Zane Cuellar (3rd)

Varsity 89- Jesus Chavez (2nd)

Varsity 100- Lexi Capote (1st), Gaby Ross (2nd)

Varsity 103- Alex Gutierrez (2nd)

Varsity 112- Gavin Ross (2nd), Abigail Rosales (4th)

Varsity 116- Logan Ledford (1st)

Varsity 122- Mateo Heredia (4th), Mirium Balumbo (5th)

Varsity 135- Cameron Reid (1st), Aiden Phillips (4th)

Varsity 153- Corvin Lewis (2nd)

Varsity 168- Tristen Cuellar (1st)

Varsity 185- Daniel Estrada (5th)

Varsity 205- Alex Layfield (1st)

Female 95- Lexi Capote (1st), Gaby Ross (4th)

Female 108- Abigail Rosales (2nd)

Female 128- Cameron Reid (1st), Mirium Balumbo (3rd)

Novice 117-123- Raul Orosco (1st)

Novice 139-148- Carter Reid (2nd)

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