MANTECA — The best of Patterson Little League came together as two teams to represent their league in the California District 67 Little League tournament that began Saturday, June 27, in Manteca.

Teams from Lathrop, Manteca, Salida, Patterson, Tracy, Mountain House, Northgate, Spreckels Park and Weston Ranch little leagues picked their brightest players for the round-robin tournament.

Patterson’s two squads tested their mettle in the 9-to-10-year-old and 11-to-12-year-old brackets.

9-10 All-Stars

The 9-to-10-year-old all-star team is coached by Steven Waybright, who oversees a group of 13 boys. They are Amir Perkins, Gavin Sarabia, William Miranda, Francisco Carillo, Lane Cardoso, Ulises Martinez, Leo Sisneroz, Andrew Freitas, Nathin Moules, Daniel Reyes, Benny Strohl, Jordan Waybright and Damian Rosado.

In their first game versus Manteca June 27, Patterson lost by a final score of 7-3. The game remained close at 4-3 going into the sixth and final inning of the game, but a strong rally by Manteca at the top of the sixth pulled them ahead to 7-3 before they went on to win the game.

The 9-10 all-stars returned Sunday with their tournament hopes alive as they faced Lathrop. Patterson went on to win a close game 9-8, advancing to play Spreckels Park on June 30.

At the plate, Damian Rosado went 4-4 with a triple. Lane Cardoso also went 4-4 with a double. Nathin Moules went 3-4 with a double. Leo Sisneroz and Andrew Freitas pitched in with a triple and double respectively to help Patterson move on to the next round.

On the mound, Lane Cardoso pitched two innings while posting four strikeouts. Damian Rosado pitched three innings and accumulated five strikeouts.

11-12 All-Stars

The 11-12 Patterson Little League All-Stars traveled to Manteca to participate in the California District 67 Little League tournament as well, hoping to make a splash.

The team was led by coaches Victor Huizar, Bert Cardoso and Daniel Borba, who oversaw a team of 10 boys. Players on the team include Steven Silva, Javier Huizar, JT Kuderca, Jordan Imada, Daniel Borba, Calvin Bowers, Cesar Martin, Joseph Garza, Izaac Ruiz and Lucas Cardoso.

The Patterson squad faced off against Northgate in their first game of the tournament June 28.

Heading into the fifth inning, the game was close at 3-1, but a four-run inning by Northgate created significant distance, bloating the lead to 7-1. The deficit was tough to overcome and Patterson dropped the game with a final score of 7-1.

Joseph Garza accumulated eight strikeouts on the mound, while also going 2-3 at the dish. Both Izaac Ruiz and Jordan Imada were solid at the plate, going 1-2.

Patterson hoped to rebound from that first loss June 29 when they approached the diamond against Spreckels Park.

Unfortunately, a similar fate awaited Patterson as they took a tied game into the fifth inning at 4-4, but a three-run rally by Spreckels Park gave them a lead against which Patterson was unable to gain any ground.

The final score was 7-4, and Patterson was eliminated from the tournament.

Javier Huizar and Cesar Martin had solid performances on the mound, accumulating three strikeouts each. Huizar also had a nice evening at the plate, going 2-3.

Despite the loss, the coaching staff had a positive message to spread to the players. “In life there will be wins and losses,” they said. “It is how you pick yourself up from a loss and improve for the future that determines a person’s success.”

The coaching staff was keen to remind their players not to dwell on the losses. Rather, they should remember the successes they had this season and continue to work together as a team moving forward.

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