Taking care of business: The Caffeinated Cow

Moo-ve over, mermaid girl, Patterson has a new spot to get a cup of joe, The Caffeinated Cow. Located at 207 East Las Palmas Avenue (the taco truck lot).

Patterson native Iveth Faatiga decided to open up shop after friends and family encouraged her to pursue her passion for coffee.

“The idea of selling coffee happened organically after making coffee for family and friends,” said Faatiga. “Growing up, my family has always gotten together to enjoy Cafecito and each other's company.”

For Faatiga, coffee has always been more than a beverage. It’s been life. Since she was a child she would watch the adults get together for Cafecito at different relatives' homes and socialize as they enjoyed their warm cups with fresh pan. As an adult, family started coming over to her house for coffee and once her family got a taste of her coffee skills, they encouraged her to turn her passion into a business.

“It didn't occur to me to sell my coffee until my family told me that I should, “said Faatiga. “Coffee has always been so much more to me than a beverage. Whether it’s cold or hot, it gives a sense of comfort after a rough day, and picks [people] up to get through a long day.”

Before Faatiga moved forward with her business, she wanted to make sure that she sourced the right beans. Faatiga and her family spent weekends at a time at different locations up and down the coast in search for the perfectly roasted coffee beans before she settled on the locally sourced El Camino Roasters from Oakdale and Turlock, California.

“We had a few good options [but ultimately] we chose El Camino. I really like their perspective on coffee and [the owner] spent a lot of time at coffee farms and she wanted to make sure her beans came from somewhere where people were being valued.”

Last weekend was The Caffeinated Cow’s grand opening. The Patterson community showed up consistently throughout opening day to purchase coffee from the new small business.

“This weekend was really good,” said Faatiga. “It was so nice to see familiar faces and new faces of people who follow us on Instagram. Everybody was so excited about it…I knew I wanted to serve in the community that I grew up in. I was raised here in Patterson in the countryside which is what inspired my logo.”

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