On this day in 1782, the first United States commercial bank, Bank of North America opened in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


• 1800 Millard Fillmore, Thirteenth President of the United States (Whig Party).

• 1863 Konstantin Stanislavski, Russian actor and director (Stanislavski System).

• 1891 Zora Neale Hurston, African-American author (Their Eyes Were Watching God).

• 1910 Orval Faubus, Governor of Arkansas (1955-1967) famous for trying to prevent black students from attending Little Rock Central High School. President Eisenhower had to call in the National Guard to enforce the Supreme Court’s Brown vs. the Board of Education decision, ending segregation in schools.

• 1912 Charles Addams, cartoonist for New Yorker magazine.

• 1913 Johnny Mize, Baseball Hall of Fame first baseman for the Cincinnati Reds (10 time All-Star).

• 1928 William Peter Blatty, American scriptwriter and author (The Exorcist).

• 1938 Paul Revere, American rocker pianist (Paul Revere and the Raiders).

• 1948 Kenny Loggins, American singer (Loggins and Messina, Footloose, This Is It).

• 1950 Erin Grey, American actress (Silver Spoons).

• 1956 David Caruso, American actor (NYPD Blue).

• 1957 Katie Couric, television newscaster and hostess (Today Show).

• 1963 Rand Paul, United States Senator (Kentucky).

• 1964 Nicolas Cage, American actor (Moonstruck, Con Air).

• 1997 Lamar Jackson, National Football League quarterback (Baltimore Ravens), 2016 Heisman Trophy winner, 2019 NFL Most Valuable Player.

Quote: “Every great actor must, and in fact does, feel the role he is representing.” - Konstantin Stanislavski

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