On this day in 1783, Congress ratified the peace treaty between the U.S. and England, ending the Revolutionary War and granting the U.S. its independence.


83 BC Marc Antony, Roman politician and general.

1741 Benedict Arnold, American general, hero of the Battle of Saratoga, and traitor (American Revolutionary War).

1791 Calvin Phillips, American dwarf, shortest known adult male (2’2”).

1875 Albert Schweitzer, Alsatian theologian, writer, and physician, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize (1954).

1906 William Bendix, American actor (Lifeboat, Babe Ruth, Life of Riley).

1914 Thomas Watson, American businessman and politician (President of IBM 1952-1971, US Ambassador to the Soviet Union 1979-81).

1919 Andy Rooney, American CBS news correspondent (60 Minutes).

1924 Guy Williams, American actor (Zorro, Lost in Space).

1938 Jack Jones, American singer (“Love Boat” theme song).

1940 Julian Bond, American Civil Rights Activist and politician.

1941 Faye Dunaway, American actress (Chinatown, Bonnie & Clyde).

1948 Carl Weathers, American actor (Rocky).

1949 Lawrence Kasdan, American screenwriter and director (The Big Chill, Silverado).

1963 Steven Soderbergh, American producer and director (Ocean’s Eleven, Traffic).

1968 LL Cool J, American rapper.

1969 David Grohl, American drummer (Nirvana) and guitarist/singer(Foo Fighters).

1969 Jason Bateman, American actor (Arrested Development, Ozark).


On this day in 1943, the Montreal Canadiens’ Alex Smart became the first rookie in NHL history to score 3 goals in his first game.


“Happiness? That’s nothing more than health and a poor memory,”

Albert Schweitzer

n By Craig Bettencourt from Irrigator files

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