On this day in 461, St Patrick died and since then his passing has been a cultural and religious celebration. The first parade in what is today the United States took place in 1601 in St. Augustine, Florida. Boston’s first parade was in 1737, New York City 1762.


Roger B. Taney (1777) 5th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (Dred Scott decision).

Jim Bridger (1804) American scout, fur trader and mountain man.

Gottlieb Daimler (1934) German engineer and inventor (designed the 1st motorcycle).

Bobby Jones (1902) American golfer and course designer (Grand Slam 1930, 13 major titles).

Bayard Rustin (1910) American civil rights leader (organized the March on Washington in 1963).

Sammy Baugh (1914) Hall of Fame quarterback for the Washington Redskins.

Nat King Cole (1919) American jazz pianist and vocalist (The Christmas Song, Unforgettable).

Frank Calabrese (1937) “Frankie Breeze” mafia hitman.

Rudolph Nureyev (1938) Russian ballet dancer.

John Wayne Gacy (1942) American serial killer (33 young men).

John Sebastian (1944) American singer (Lovin Spoonful, Do You Believe in Magic, Welcome Back).

Pattie Boyd (1944) English photographer first married to George Harrison and then to Eric Clapton.

Patrick Duffy (1949) American actor (Dallas, Man From Atlantis).

Kurt Russell (1951) American actor (Overboard, Tombstone, Mean Seasons).

Chuck Muncie (1953) NFL running back for the San Diego Chargers. Played college ball at Cal.

Lesley-Anne Down (1954) American actress (Cinderella, Moonraker).

Gary Sinise (1955) American actor (Forrest Gump, Of Mice and Men, Apollo 13).

Danny Ainge (1959) NBA guard for the Boston Celtics and current executive on the team.

Rob Lowe (1964) American actor (St. Elmo’s Fire, Hotel New Hampshire).

Billy Corgan (1967) American rock singer/songwriter (Smashing Pumpkins).

Sky Verhaegen (1974) PHS graduate (92) and a current teacher at PJUSD and a good friend to many.

Stormy Daniels (1979) American actress and acquaintance of a former president.

John Boyega (1992) English actor (Star Wars; The Force Awakens).

Katie Ledecky (1997) American swimmer (5 Gold Medals in two Olympic Games, 2012 and 2016).


On this day in 1988, in the first round of the NCAA basketball tournament 10-seed Loyola Marymount defeated 7-seed Wyoming 119-115, the highest scoring game at the time in March Madness history.

In 1990, in the second round of the tournament, 11-seed Loyola Marymount defeated 3-seed Michigan 149-115 which is still the highest scoring game in NCAA tournament history and one of its biggest upsets.


“Every St. Patrick’s Day every Irishman goes out to find another Irishman to make a speech to.”

Shane Leslie, Irish diplomat and supporter of Irish Home Rule. 1st cousin of Winston Churchill

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